How to Surrender: Balancing the Divine Masculine and Feminine Within

For many, the journey of spiritual growth is an exploration of surrendering to a higher power. This higher power, often referred to as God, is perceived in various forms across different cultures and beliefs. In our dialogue with Bentinho Massaro, an intriguing perspective emerged, presenting God as an omnipresent, protective, and guiding masculine force. Surrendering to this force, especially in the face of societal pressures and imbalances, is no easy feat. Here’s a guide on how to harness this energy and find balance.

1. Understanding Surrender

At its core, surrender is about letting go of resistance. It’s about aligning with the energies around us and trusting the journey. By visualizing God as an all-encompassing masculine entity, you can start to feel the protection, love, and guidance that comes with it.

2. Recognizing Imbalances

Society often shapes our beliefs and behaviors, sometimes leading us to adopt unnatural roles. For many women, this means taking on masculine traits as a defense mechanism. By consciously choosing to surrender to a symbolic God, women can restore their true feminine essence and let go of these acquired traits.

3. The Role of Masculine and Feminine Energies

These energies are polarities that exist in a dance, creating electricity, transformation, and ascension. When both these energies are balanced, they provide a foundation for spiritual growth. Bentinho suggests that the pure feminine is receptive, open, and vulnerable, while the masculine is protective and guiding.

4. Practicing Safe Surrender

It’s essential to practice surrender in a safe environment. This doesn’t mean giving in to every external influence or person. It means recognizing when to protect oneself and when to open up. The Law of Attraction will naturally draw complementary forces towards you when you align with these energies.

5. Finding Balance through God

Starting with God as your foundational force can help you delve deeper into surrender. By channeling this divine energy, you can connect with your true feminine essence and slowly shed societal impositions. In time, this alignment will attract complementary energies into your life, bringing balance and growth.

6. Embracing Both Energies

While surrendering to the divine masculine, remember to embrace the godliness within every individual you encounter. It means sending love from a deeper, spiritual level, even if you choose to walk away physically.

In conclusion, surrender isn’t about giving up control; it’s about embracing a balance. It’s a journey of trusting the divine masculine while also celebrating the divine feminine within. Through this delicate dance, we can find true spiritual alignment and growth.