When it comes to suffering, Bentinho has often spoken about the value of truly understanding its place in our lives. Instead of seeing it as a demon to be banished, we should consider it a tool, a purifier, and an element of our soul’s journey to be of service.

All of us are familiar with suffering. From the very moment of our birth, life places us in a realm of physical and emotional discomforts. Yet, despite these challenges, we chose to incarnate, fully aware of the journey’s pitfalls. This choice, as Bentinho highlights, is a testament to the courage and love we harbor in our non-physical state. In such moments of limitless love and light, we often forget the hardships. So, why did we make this choice? It wasn’t just for our own lessons, but to serve and uplift others.

If we reflect deeply, we can perhaps tap into that state of pure optimism and light from which we made the decision to incarnate. Bentinho describes this as being a “gullible, naive, loving, foolish” state, or, in a more empowering lens, a state of immense courage.

Embracing our lives with the initial intention in mind is crucial. To create our own incarnation, as Ben reminds us, means to bring forth a unique set of circumstances and challenges from the vast array of possibilities in this dimension. We intentionally shaped our life’s path, fully aware of its potential hardships.

Yet, despite the weight of these challenges, it’s crucial to remember the strength and purpose with which we set foot in this world. Even in the depths of our pain, suffering serves a purpose, pushing us toward a purifying transformation.

Bentinho reminds us of Bruce Lee’s words on self-acceptance. By first accepting ourselves, we can better control and understand our own journey. Every facet of our personality, even what we consider flaws, serves a purpose. Whether it’s perfectionism, impatience, or passion, each trait is a gift to be used on our path.

Lastly, Bentinho encourages us to see suffering as self-inflicted pain and to question its deeper purpose. Rather than viewing it as a negative, we should harness its energy as a purifying fire. In suffering lies the opportunity for profound growth and transformation.

Quote: “In suffering lies the opportunity for profound growth and transformation.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference:
“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” – Matthew 5:4, Bible