Leadership is more than a title—it’s a state of being. It’s about seeing a group, a project, or even the world, and asking, “If I were in charge, what would I do differently?” Bentinho invites us to consider this not as a hypothetical question but as a call to step up and lead, even if just in our personal lives.

Becoming the Leader: A Journey of Self-Discovery

Imagine if, for a month, you had to take over the sessions or gatherings you attend. What vision would you bring to life? What’s the energy that would drive you? Leadership isn’t about magical qualities; it’s about intention and approach.

“Leadership isn’t about being born special; it’s about being born to make a difference,” Bentinho often says. It’s about embracing your capacity to guide, not because you were born under a lucky star, but because you dare to believe in your vision and are willing to act on it.

Start with a Clear Slate

Leadership begins with a clear state of mind. Close your eyes. Forget for a moment all your assumptions, all your knowledge. In this space, feel the presence of something greater, the “I am,” the heartbeat of creation.

Planting the Seed of Intention

Leadership is like planting a seed in fertile soil. The seed contains the entire blueprint of what you wish to grow—an intention for a better world. But how do you find this seed? By tapping into that deep, inner silence where only the essence of your vision exists.

The Seed of Leadership in Spirituality

The Bible tells us, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). This is the essence of leadership—it’s about identifying what you truly value and then putting all your heart into nurturing it. As a leader, your treasure is your vision for change, and your heart must fully commit to bringing it to life.

Embodying the Vision

True leadership is not about instructing from a distance; it’s about embodying the vision you have. Bentinho urges us to take ownership of our intention not through possession but through becoming the very essence of that intention.

The Leader Within Emerges

When you fully embrace your seed of intention, you begin to resonate with the frequency of the world you wish to create. It’s a world where every interaction is marked by sincerity and a smile that’s genuine—a world that’s both epic and fun.

Vision into Reality

The clarity of your vision comes from staying rooted in the energy of your intention. Trust the impulses and intuitions that arise—they’re guiding you toward the manifestation of your leadership.

You Are the Leader

Bentinho reminds us, “You are already the leader of your vision, in its seed form.” There’s no room for doubt. To become a leader is to accept a duty that is also an honor, knowing that the joy of creation is at the heart of every grand vision.

In Summary

Leadership is not bestowed; it’s assumed. It’s not granted; it’s taken on by those who believe in a vision and are willing to be its shepherd. We are all capable of this. It’s not a matter of being special, but a matter of being committed, earnest, and joyfully devoted to the seed of change we plant.

“Leadership is the art of nurturing intention, embodying vision, and bringing dreams to life.” – Bentinho