Navigating Life with Innocence: A Guide to Trust and Vulnerability

In a world where knowledge and certainty often take the front seat, embracing innocence might seem counterintuitive. Yet, Bentinho Massaro teaches us the profound power of innocence in transforming our lives. According to him, innocence is not about naivety; it’s about trust—a deep trust in the softness and surrender of our own beings over the rigid expectations of outcomes and the external world.

Innocence, as Bentinho explains, is our safety net. It’s the softness, humility, and openness within us that becomes a magnet for empowerment. When we let go of our judgments, expectations, and the need to control, we become embodiments of love. This surrender doesn’t weaken us; paradoxically, it makes us stronger, more receptive, and more empowered.

One might worry that being innocent and open could attract unwanted attention or lead to vulnerability in ways we’re not prepared to handle. This concern is valid, especially in the context of attracting masculine energy. Bentinho acknowledges that while innocence does indeed attract, it requires discernment and high standards. Practicing innocence doesn’t mean lowering your guard indiscriminately. It means being open and soft within a trusted circle—whether that’s with a partner, close friends, or in the safety of your own home.

For women, especially, there’s a fine line to walk in being open and guarded. Bentinho advises that it’s okay to put up shields when necessary, especially in public or potentially unsafe situations. However, the key is to do this discerningly and consciously, without losing sight of your inherent innocence and openness. When you’re in a safe space, allow yourself to lower those shields and reconnect with the divine feminine within, which is receptive and fearless.

Imagine a world where we could all express our innocence freely, without fear. It would be a world more balanced, harmonious, and nurturing for both masculine and feminine energies. Until then, Bentinho suggests practicing innocence in safe environments and being conscious of when and how we shield ourselves from the outside world.


“In the surrender of judgment and the embrace of our innate innocence, we find the true embodiment of love.” – Bentinho Massaro

“Innocence is not the absence of knowledge, but the presence of faith.” – Paulo Coelho

Spiritual Reference:

“Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 18:3. This biblical verse echoes the sentiment of embracing innocence, highlighting the importance of humility and openness in spiritual growth.

In summary, embracing innocence in today’s world is a powerful stance. It’s about trusting in the softness of our being, remaining open and vulnerable within safe spaces, and discerning when to protect ourselves. Through this practice, we can navigate life with a heart full of love, a spirit ready for growth, and a soul aligned with the divine.

Walking the Tightrope: Balancing Openness and Protection

For women, navigating this balance can be particularly delicate. Massaro suggests that while shielding yourself in potentially unsafe situations is crucial, doing so consciously and discerningly is key. Don’t let the need for protection eclipse your inherent innocence and openness. In safe spaces, shed those shields and reconnect with the fearless, receptive power of your feminine divine.

Imagine a world where everyone embraced their innocence freely, a world bathed in the harmony of balanced masculine and feminine energies. While we may not be there yet, Massaro encourages us to start small: practice innocence in safe spaces, be mindful of your boundaries, and gradually expand your circle of trust. Remember, true strength lies not in rigidity, but in the courageous vulnerability of an open heart.