In our shared journey towards self-realization, it becomes evident that we are all capable of regaining our inherent power, our forgotten abilities, and the essence of our true selves. This process is universal, transcending individual experiences, as we activate more of our authentic selves and reclaim our free will. The word “power” may be challenging to explain, but it represents a state—a state of influence and potential that has always resided within us. It is this power, intertwined with consciousness, that allows us to move mountains, create, and shape our reality.

Reclaiming our free will implies more than just regaining control over our choices; it also means taking responsibility for our thoughts, actions, and the energy we emit into the world. As we remember and align with our higher selves, we begin to comprehend the true meaning of power. We notice the contrast between our transformed selves and the experiences of others, which further reinforces the nuances of our personal growth and understanding.

With increasing alignment, remembrance, and prioritization of our higher selves, we start to merge with our environment. We come to realize that our surroundings are nothing but the manifestation of our energy—the canvas upon which we paint our existence. As we amplify our power and consciously tend to our vibrational state, our consciousness expands beyond the limitations of the physical body. We become more than just isolated entities; we recognize ourselves as part of an interconnected whole.

To truly grasp our inseparability and move towards non-duality, we must amplify our power and embrace our free will. By nurturing our vibrational well-being and reclaiming the power we once relinquished, we allow our consciousness to expand beyond the confines of the physical. Through this process, we begin to feel and understand that we are the energy we generate, and everything we perceive is a creation of our own making.

As we transform, our environment takes on a new meaning—an energetic field filled with malleable potential. It transcends mere physical objects, becoming a fluid substance that responds to our intentional vibrations. Recognizing ourselves as the creators of our circumstances, we understand that our environment is a reflection of our state of being. We become environmentalists in the truest sense, not by focusing solely on the physical world, but by understanding that by shifting our frequency, we reshape our reality.

In this profound realization, the illusion of separation begins to dissolve. We move away from perceiving ourselves as physical beings in an independent universe. Instead, we embody the role of the Creator, shaping our own universe within the field of our consciousness. Loneliness, lack, and isolation lose their grip on us as we embrace the boundless abundance, unity, and non-physical nature of our existence.

Embracing our free will and the responsibility that comes with it allows us to step into our own inner God state. It is a continuous process of self-becoming, where we realize the immense power within us to shape our reality, experience non-duality, and connect with the limitless aspects of our being. Let us journey forward, reclaiming our power and manifesting a world that aligns with our highest vibrations and deepest truths.