In the journey of Destiny Fulfilled, tapping into God’s love transcends the limitations of the individual self. It involves opening up to a whole new dimension of experience, beyond the daily focus on the physical body and the world around us. The key lies in embracing a state of power, freedom, and unconditional love, just as God loves. This doesn’t mean becoming an unconditionally loving person, but rather aligning with the invincible, automatic love that is already present within us.

The path to accessing God’s love requires understanding and discernment, as well as surrender and deep contemplation. It’s not about trying to create love but recognizing that it is already accomplished and ever-present. By opening the aperture of our consciousness, we can access this love and allow it to flow through us, impacting not just ourselves but also those around us and even the collective consciousness of humanity.

The idea of God and the word “God” may carry diverse connotations, but it’s essential to reinvigorate the true meaning of this Universal force. God’s love is beyond any biases or gender; it is the ultimate power and freedom that connects us to the Source of everything. When we realize that we are part of this invincible love, we can begin to embody it and reflect it in our interactions with the world.

Ultimately, Destiny Fulfilled is about making a permanent shift in our state of being, aligning with God’s love, and becoming agents of positive change in the world. Through this understanding and alignment, we can transcend the limitations of the individual self and co-create a more loving and compassionate reality for ourselves and future generations.