Embracing Connections Beyond Romantic Relationships

Have you ever felt a spark with someone that wasn’t romantic but still important? Maybe you felt guilty or weird about it. I want to talk about how we can be open to these types of connections without feeling bad or risking our current relationships.

Bentinho often talks about balance. It’s about not looking outside ourselves for happiness while still being open to new connections. Not all connections need to be romantic or sexual. Sometimes they’re about sharing a helpful experience or healing something inside us. It’s okay to have these feelings and exchanges, as long as we’re honest and respectful about them.

Think about it like this: if you’re in a garden, you wouldn’t just water one flower, right? Every flower needs attention to grow. It’s the same with people. We can grow from different relationships, and that doesn’t take away from the ones we already have.

Some connections might seem like they’re just a rush of excitement, but they can be more. And they don’t have to be about sex. We can exchange energy and support without it. Bentinho suggests that if we weren’t so worried about this, we could help and heal each other a lot more.

Let’s say your friend is going through a tough time, and you feel a strong urge to help. That doesn’t mean you want anything more than to be there for them. If your partner understands and trusts you, they’ll see that this connection could actually help you both.

It’s not easy to think this way. We’re used to seeing relationships as exclusive. But when we open up, we’re not losing something; we’re getting a fuller experience of ourselves and each other.

Sometimes we might feel bad about wanting these connections. Society can make us think we’re just needy or not satisfied with what we have. But remember, it’s natural to seek support and growth through others. And often, it’s not about fixing things all alone. Sharing moments with others can heal parts of us that we didn’t even know needed healing.

So, next time you feel a connection with someone, don’t just shut it down. Talk about it with your partner, and see where it leads. It might just be a conversation, or it might be more. But as long as it’s done with care and honesty, it can be a beautiful part of your journey.

And who knows? By understanding each other and allowing these connections, you might just help heal a little part of the world.

Remember, a relationship is about supporting each other’s growth, not holding each other back. So keep that heart open and let the connections flow!