Bentinho Massaro offers insight on how to find one’s true self. He believes that the key to discovering one’s true self is to deepen self-realization through whatever angle works for you. However, it’s important to approach this practice with a passion for awakening rather than a fear of not being connected to the Eternal state. When you deepen your realization of the Eternal State, you become more stable and confident in the face of distractions and lesser vibrations of the world.

There are two ways to deepen your conviction and realization of the Eternal state. One way is to spend more time in that experience of Eternity and to confirm that stable knowing. The other way is to practice faith and trust in the ultimate truth in the midst of distraction and chaos. When you don’t identify yourself with anything that you’re witnessing in a moment of chaos, you can find great stability in body, mind, and spirit.

Bentinho emphasizes the importance of not defining yourself based on anything that you perceive, whether it’s blissful states or the chaos of the human mind. The birth of true conviction and realization comes from trusting in the ultimate truth, even if you don’t feel, understand, or experience it at the moment. When you trust in the ultimate truth, you can find great balance and be a more efficient servant in all circumstances of life.