What is Your Calling? The Journey Towards Wholeness

Life, much like navigating the vast ocean, is seldom a straight path. There are waves that push us in unexpected directions, currents that pull us off course, and storms that test our resilience. Yet, much like an experienced sailor, we have the ability to course correct, to realign our path with our destination. This process of realignment, of coming back to our true selves, is essential in understanding our calling.

Throughout our lives, there’s this undercurrent, a subtle yet constant pull towards something greater. For some, it’s an undeniable urge to connect, for others, it’s a pursuit of oneness or wholeness. But what exactly is this ‘calling’ we speak of?

Bentinho once discussed the idea of a calling as an inner compass, directing us towards our true self. He suggested imagining a statement like “My calling is people experiencing wholeness.” Even if this statement might not resonate immediately, it’s worth exploring. It’s a statement of purpose, a north star to guide our journey.

However, finding our calling is seldom easy. Often, our life experiences, the choices we make, and the beliefs we hold can cloud our clarity. We might start to believe that we aren’t complete, or we aren’t good enough. Such beliefs can weigh heavy on our souls, for they’re fundamentally misaligned with the truth of our being. And every time we feel this misalignment, it’s our inner self trying to nudge us back on track. Bentinho describes this misalignment as being out of sync with the “frequency of truth.”

These feelings of inadequacy stem from our identification with the physical self. From early childhood, we’re conditioned to associate our worth, our identity, with our physical bodies. We’re conditioned to believe we’re separate entities, disconnected from the vastness of creation. But as Ben so eloquently points out, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our bodies, our experiences, are just a part of the larger tapestry of human existence. They are not us. Our true self, our spirit, is unbounded, limitless, and intrinsically connected to everything.

Our calling, then, is to recognize this truth. To shed the layers of false identity and rediscover the infinite within us. It’s about understanding that even in moments of perceived weakness or “stupidity,” there lies an intelligent expression of the universe, exploring itself.

So, in times of doubt, remember Ben’s words: “Literally, your Incarnation is Humanity’s Darkness, and you’re transforming it into light.” You, as you are right now, have a purpose. You have a calling. And it’s waiting for you to embrace it.

“Your Incarnation is Humanity’s Darkness, and you’re transforming it into light.”

Bentinho Massaro