Discovering Your Beliefs: The Layers of Self-Understanding

When embarking on a spiritual journey, it’s essential to explore the layers of our experience, from the physical to the very core of our beliefs. Many systems, including Bentinho Massaro’s teachings, break down these layers to help us navigate this intricate landscape. By grasping these elements, we can gain a deeper understanding of our beliefs and the world around us.

Physical Realm: This is the world we immediately recognize – the tangible, what our five senses perceive. We interact with people, places, and events. This layer is dense, and it’s about the body, our relationships, and our immediate surroundings.

Subtle or Astral Realm: Just beyond the physical is the realm of our thoughts, feelings, and imagination. It’s where our inner senses – like in dreams – take form. Energy flows here, affecting our emotions and vibrations. In many traditions, this is also where our pranas or life energy resides.

Causal Realm: Dive deeper, and you reach the core of our beliefs and intentions. It’s subtler than the astral realm and governs what we perceive. Often, we’re unaware of its influence, but it steers our actions, reactions, and strategies in life. This is the domain of our core beliefs, the essence of our ego, and what some term as the ‘gremlin’ – those subconscious beliefs that can control or hinder us.

Bentinho often emphasizes the importance of understanding this layer. It’s here that we can ask the question, “What must I believe is true?” This questioning allows us to investigate and shed light on our deeply held beliefs.

When Jesus said, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21), he pointed to the profound realms within each of us. The physical, subtle, and causal layers are gateways to this inner kingdom.

Quote: “True self-discovery begins when we question our beliefs and journey inward.” – Author Unknown
Understanding these layers, as Bentinho often reminds us, is the path to self-awareness. As we uncover and question our beliefs, we pave the way for transformation and spiritual growth.