In our day-to-day lives, the persona we identify with is often not our true self. This image is typically a construction of our minds, habits, and experiences. But beneath this persona lies our real self, brimming with natural bliss and genuine presence. Here are five transformative steps to connect with the real self:

1. Seek the Root of Your Mind.
The mind is perpetually active, constructing myriad images and beliefs. Yet, when we focus intently on identifying its root, this pursuit makes the overactive thinker within us fade away. In its place, a deep sense of bliss emerges. This bliss, akin to the light of our real self, is ever-present, waiting to be uncovered.

2. Cultivate Disinterest.
Imagine moving through your day without being captivated by every thought, emotion, or opportunity. This doesn’t mean adopting an indifferent attitude for life but occasionally stepping into a space where nothing grips you. In this state, you allow everything to come and go without disturbance. As a result, the unchanging, steadfast essence of your real self begins to shine.

3. Dive Deep Into the ‘Innermost Me.’
Regardless of our experiences, an innermost sense of ‘me’ persists. It’s the core of our existence. To feel this deeply, embrace your present experience as it is and seek the innermost you within it. As you go deeper and deeper, a blissful and unchanging reality unfolds.

4. Recognize Life as a Dream.
Sometimes, viewing our surroundings as dream-like can help loosen the rigid interpretations we have. By understanding everything as insubstantial, we can foster a sense of detachment. This detachment allows the radiant light of our real self to break through.

5. Reflect Like a Mirror.
Imagine being a mirror – reflecting everything without judgment, bias, or need. In this unbiased reflection, you detach from needs or wants and allow the pure essence of experiences to shine through. As you practice this, the overwhelming natural bliss of the real self emerges.

The wisdom to uncover the real self is timeless and universal. In Romans 12:2, reminds us, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind…” By following these five methods, as described by Bentinho, we can experience this transformation and renewal, aligning with our true essence.