Detoxing Your Soul: The Power of Silence

In our fast-paced world, silence is becoming an increasingly rare commodity. We are constantly inundated with vibrations and frequencies, from Wi-Fi to electrical cables to the collective consciousness. It can be difficult to find a moment of peace and quiet in the midst of all this noise. However, silence is a powerful tool for detoxing your soul and finding your true self.

Silence allows you to confront all the baggage and false beliefs that you have accumulated over time. It can be uncomfortable at first, but the more frequently you stop and pause to directly see yourself, the more you can gain true self-knowledge. When you stop and truly see yourself, you notice all the assumptions, judgments, and insecurities that you carry with you.

Silence is not just about quieting external noise, but also about quieting the internal noise of your mind. When you are silent and present, you begin to naturally tune into your unique channel of existence. It’s like being able to see all the songs playing over the ethers, the radio stations, and there’s a channel for everyone that is their unique channel, and it’s constantly pouring down. You’re the radio; you can tune to it or not, you can receive it or you cannot receive it.

By tuning into this channel, you can gain access to the true source of yourself, which just so happens to be God, the universal beingness, the universal self. When you stop and pause long enough, God will take over, and the limited version of you that has been created by society will fall away. This allows you to become more and more like a mirror, reflecting the beauty of existence, with less and less of a personality or identity.

Silence is not just a means to an end; it is a way of being that allows you to gain direct, immediate self-experience. It is a way of gaining true self-knowledge, not the conceptual kind. It is a means to awareness, a means to gaining access to the frequency of unity and oneness.

Silence is also a means of detoxing the soul. It is the best type of fast, as it cleanses not just the body, but also the emotional and mental bodies. It allows you to let go of all the carry baggage and false beliefs that you have accumulated over time. The more you stop and pause, the more naturally God takes over, and the more you become invested in your true self and the benefit of all.

It’s good to come together in the presence of the creator, in the presence of life itself, of pure existing, and to let that baggage unwind itself. Give space to yourself every day, even if it’s just 10-20 minutes. Find a nice spot in nature, on your deck, on your patio, in your living room, or in your bed, laying down, whatever is most comfortable. And at least once a day, take a moment to unwind, take a moment to come to a stop, see who you are, and let everything else pass as it comes and goes.