Deep Mindfulness, as taught by Bentinho Massaro, is a practice that goes beyond traditional mindfulness techniques to help individuals cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness, inner peace, and spiritual growth. This approach focuses on recognizing one’s true nature as eternal consciousness and transcending identification with the ego and its associated thoughts, emotions, and perceptions.

Here are some key aspects of Deep Mindfulness based on Bentinho Massaro’s teachings:

Recognize your true nature: Massaro encourages individuals to understand their true nature as pure, limitless awareness. By realizing that you are not limited to your thoughts, emotions, or physical body, you can begin to experience a sense of freedom and expansiveness that transcends the ego.

Cultivate self-awareness: Deep Mindfulness involves developing a heightened sense of self-awareness that extends beyond the surface level of thoughts and emotions. By becoming more aware of the subtleties of your inner experience, you can gain a deeper understanding of your true essence and cultivate a more authentic connection with yourself.

Witness thoughts and emotions: Instead of becoming entangled in your thoughts and emotions, practice observing them as they arise without judgment or identification. This detached perspective allows you to recognize that you are not your thoughts or emotions but rather the awareness that observes them.

Rest in the present moment: Deep Mindfulness emphasizes the importance of being fully present in each moment, free from the distractions of the past or future. By anchoring your awareness in the present, you can experience a sense of stillness and peace that transcends the fluctuations of the mind.

Explore non-duality: Massaro’s teachings often delve into the concept of non-duality, which asserts that all apparent distinctions and dualities are ultimately illusory. By contemplating the nature of non-duality, you can begin to dissolve the boundaries between self and other, subject and object, and experience a greater sense of unity and interconnectedness.

Employ meditation techniques: Massaro teaches various meditation techniques that can help you deepen your mindfulness practice and enhance your connection with your true nature. These techniques may include focusing on the breath, body sensations, or simply resting in the awareness of your own presence.

Integrate mindfulness into daily life: Deep Mindfulness is not meant to be confined to formal meditation sessions. Massaro encourages individuals to integrate mindfulness into their everyday lives by maintaining a continuous awareness of their thoughts, emotions, and experiences throughout the day.

Cultivate self-inquiry: Self-inquiry is a powerful tool for exploring your true nature and deepening your mindfulness practice. By asking questions like “Who am I?” or “What is the nature of consciousness?”, you can encourage introspection and develop a deeper understanding of your true essence.

By practicing Deep Mindfulness as taught by Bentinho Massaro, you can cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness, inner peace, and spiritual growth. This approach enables you to recognize your true nature as limitless consciousness and transcend identification with the ego, leading to a more authentic and expansive experience of life.