The concept of near-death experiences often conjures up images of a tunnel of light or a sense of floating above one’s physical body. However, in Bentinho Massaro’s Death Experience Guided Meditation, we explore a different perspective. Many who have had near-death experiences report a profound sense of bliss or ecstasy – but why is this? What exactly happens in those moments when we believe we are about to die?

In this meditation, Massaro invites us to visualize that we are at the precipice of death, and the flurry of thoughts and emotions that come with this realization. It could be a cascade of unfinished business or an inventory of unrealized dreams. But as we settle into this visualization, we are encouraged to let go of these perceived imperfections and unfinished chapters. Instead, we are asked to embrace the ecstasy of spirit and the realization that there is nothing left for us to do. This surrendering dissolves all efforts, strife, and judgment, leaving us in a state of complete unity with the spirit.

Massaro encourages us to see our life as a perfect and complete expression of ourselves, with all of its perceived flaws and imperfections. These aspects are all part of the unique journey of expressing consciousness in a particular way, contributing to the grand expansion of the universe. As we release all sense of doership, incompleteness, and striving, we start to see the perfection of the universe and the vastness of all that it can be.

This guided meditation isn’t just about visualizing death; it’s about understanding that the perfection of the universe and the completeness of our lives are already accomplished. We are encouraged to let go of judgment, blame, and guilt, and instead, surrender to the flow and trust in the universe. This trust allows us to truly live before we die, and in doing so, we can create a future that aligns with our desires through ease, joy, and faith. In essence, the death experience becomes a profound tool for understanding the bliss of life itself.