Crumbs to Manifestation: Finding Your Path Through Joy

Have you ever thought about how a simple desire, like wanting a boat, can set off a journey of discovery? Bentinho shares an enlightening perspective on this. He suggests that our desires are like breadcrumbs, leading us through a trail of joy. Instead of seeing our goals as a straight line, we should view them as a series of joyful moments that guide us in unpredictable, yet purposeful directions.

Imagine you’re chasing a dream, but instead of running in a straight line, you hop from one joyful experience to another. This approach isn’t about the destination or the things we desire. It’s about the journey and the joy we find in each step. Bentinho explains that what may seem like a chaotic path is actually the most efficient route from our spirit’s viewpoint.

Let’s say you desire a boat. But, in the process of exploring this desire, you’re led to new places, people, and experiences. Maybe the boat was just a symbol, a breadcrumb on your path to something even more fulfilling. This is the beauty of following your joy; it leads you to unexpected, wonderful places.

Remember, it’s not about clinging to symbols or expectations. It’s about staying open and flexible, moving with the flow of joy without being tied down by our assumptions of how things should unfold. As Bentinho puts it, be like a UFO, moving freely without inertia, unburdened by expectations.

This approach to life is rooted in a profound spiritual truth: Everything is possible for everyone, including you. Often, we limit ourselves with beliefs that we’re the exception, that somehow, the universe’s abundance doesn’t apply to us. But that’s just not true. We’re all capable of manifesting our dreams. It’s about embracing our desires as guides, not destinations, and enjoying the journey they set us on.

The Bible echoes this sentiment in Matthew 6:34: “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” This verse reminds us to live in the present, finding joy and trust in the path that unfolds before us, moment by moment.


“Follow the breadcrumbs of joy; each one leads you closer to your true path, in ways more wondrous than you could imagine.” – Bentinho

Understanding the Breadcrumb Trail:
Ben emphasizes that the symbol you desire is not the ultimate goal but rather a representation guiding you in a particular direction. For instance, wanting to buy a boat may not be about the boat itself but an indication to explore different aspects of your life. It could lead you to a new location, new relationships, or new experiences.

  1. Trust the Breadcrumb Trail:
    To manifest your desires effectively, it’s crucial to trust the breadcrumb trail. This trail is like moments of joy, and by following it, you’re actually on the fastest and most effortless path towards your desires. Resist the temptation to seek certainty in symbols or things.
  2. Embrace Uncertainty:
    We often try to draw our own straight line to our goals, seeking security and certainty. However, true creation is not linear; it flows organically. Embrace uncertainty and have confidence that the steps will reveal themselves as you move forward.
  3. Focus on Frequency:
    Shift your focus from the physical object or symbol to the frequency or energy it represents. Your desires are like energetic signals guiding you toward a higher purpose, which may involve more than you initially imagined. Be open to the unexpected.
  4. Distinguish Desire from Attachment:
    Differentiate between pure desire and attachment to a specific outcome. Desire is a natural and transcendent energy, while attachment limits you. Act on your joy without rigid expectations.

Here’s a powerful quote from Bentinho:

“Stop believing in lack. Start acting on your joy with absolutely no need to know. You have no need to know certain things. All you need to know is how you feel about this moment, whether or not your perspective is in the most alignment it could be and you feel that by feeling either good or bad. That’s your guide, your compass.”


  • You are worthy of achieving your dreams.
  • You have the power to create your own reality.
  • Follow the breadcrumbs of joy and see where they lead you.