Creating Experiences: Exploring the Teachings of Bentinho Massaro

In this blog post, we explore the teachings of spiritual teacher Bentinho Massaro, who shares insights into the nature of consciousness, the infinite, and the power of empowerment. Through his journey of self-discovery, Massaro has come to understand three main teachings that have shaped his approach to spirituality and personal growth.

The first teaching, which Massaro refers to as “Enlightenment,” delves into the idea of our true nature as pure, untouched awareness. According to him, while experiences and suffering occur within the realm of consciousness, our true essence remains untainted by these occurrences. Realizing this can bring a sense of peace and detachment, as we recognize that nothing ever truly happens to us, but rather to the consciousness that generates these experiences.

The second teaching, or “Infinity,” takes this idea further by emphasizing the intangible and incomprehensible nature of our true essence. Massaro suggests that we are beyond perception and non-perception, existing as an infinite enabler of experiences without becoming entangled in them. This realization can lead to a sense of freedom and liberation, as we no longer feel bound by the constraints of our experiences and thoughts.

The third and final teaching is “Empowerment,” which focuses on harnessing our innate power to create and shape our lives. Rather than seeking a specific path to enlightenment or adhering to the teachings of others, Massaro encourages individuals to follow their own resonance and intuition. By doing so, we can more naturally and efficiently tap into our own wisdom and growth.

Bentinho Massaro’s teachings invite us to explore our true nature as infinite, untouchable awareness and empower ourselves to create our own unique path. By recognizing that we are the source of our experiences without becoming entangled in them, we can enjoy greater freedom, peace, and personal growth. Embracing this approach to spirituality can ultimately lead to a more authentic and fulfilling life journey.