Discovering Core Beingness: Embracing the Essence of Self

Have you ever wondered about the true essence of your existence, beyond the confines of your thoughts and perceptions? Bentinho, a teacher in self-realization, offers an intriguing perspective on this topic, guiding us towards an understanding of our core beingness.

At the heart of Bentinho’s teaching lies the concept that we cannot escape our true essence. This essence is the indivisible unity of life, existing before and beyond description. It’s not something that can be debated or reasoned with, as it exists beyond the realm of the mind.

The Journey of Self-Realization

Recognizing this core essence is a transformative experience. Each moment of realization, be it during meditation, contemplation, or spontaneous recognition, brings about a change within us. This change is a purification process, aligning us more closely with the manifestation of our true selves.

Bentinho emphasizes the importance of short, repeated recognitions of our essence throughout the day, complemented by longer meditation sessions. This practice leads to subtler reasoning and perception, enhancing our intelligence and wisdom.

Beyond Assumptions and Perceptions

A significant aspect of this journey is moving beyond assumptions and perceptions. We often unconsciously hold onto beliefs about our existence, like the presence of gravity or the feeling of being on a planet. By consciously acknowledging and letting go of these assumptions, we get closer to experiencing reality in its purest form.

Embracing Emptiness and Clarity

The process of becoming subtler and embracing emptiness is not about losing awareness or existence, but rather clarifying and purifying our consciousness. As we dissolve assumptions and perceptions, what remains is the nature of reality, free from the confines of subject and object.

The core of our being, the ‘chitta’ or the essence of mind, becomes more like pure space, devoid of the clutter of assumptions. This leads to a direct and spontaneous comprehension of things, where true knowledge emerges from a state of emptiness and purity.

“True comprehension of self emerges from the emptiness of assumptions, leading us to the pure essence of being.” – Bentinho

The Bible echoes similar sentiments in Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” This verse invites us to find stillness and recognize the deeper essence of our existence.