Consciously Creating Your Reality: A Shift in Perception

When it comes to consciously creating our reality, it’s essential to understand our relationship with the universe and our own perceptions. Bentinho, a thoughtful guide in exploring our infinite potential, often touches upon the profound idea that we might not be mere receivers of our reality but rather the creators.

Stepping Beyond The Receiver Mentality

Every experience, every sensation, every thought that we’ve ever had might not be something that’s “happened” to us. Instead, Bentinho posits, what if we are the ones putting those experiences, thoughts, and feelings into place? This idea, while potentially challenging at first, serves as a call to re-examine our sense of identity and our place within the cosmos.

Most of us operate from a space of believing we are at the mercy of the world around us. The daily experiences, both good and bad, are things that “occur” to us. But what if the paradigm shifted? What if every nanosecond, every tiny detail of our existence, was something we consciously or unconsciously placed there?

The Assumptions We Make

Often, our journey towards this realization requires a certain level of mental clarity and self-awareness. As Bentinho suggests, it’s vital to have explored our own minds, understanding the games it plays and the tricks it employs. This isn’t just about personal growth, but also about understanding our spiritual journey. Recognizing the bubbles of ego and moving beyond them helps to better grasp this concept.

At times, this might sound overwhelming, maybe even egotistical. But it’s not about self-centeredness. Instead, it’s about recognizing our power, our potential, and our role as creators. When Bentinho asks us to imagine never receiving again, he’s prompting us to question our passive role in the universe.

Embracing Conscious Creation

If every element of our perceived reality, from the chair we sit on to the interactions we have, is a manifestation of our own doing, then the implications are revolutionary. We can no longer see ourselves as mere pawns in an expansive universe. Instead, we become the driving force, the shapers of our own destiny.

Taking control, in this sense, is not about domination but conscious creation. Recognizing our role as the originators of our experiences empowers us to shape them more deliberately. As Bentinho suggests, “You are the creator of the entirety of the universe of all that is.”

The Profound Shift

While the concept might seem radical, it’s an invitation to play with our perceptions. Erase, for a moment, the idea of an external world. Let go of the assumption that the universe exists independent of our consciousness. Realize that even the sandbox we believe we’re playing in is of our own making.

Bentinho’s final assertion is potent: “Because you are a god.” If we truly are the creators of our reality, then our potential is boundless. It’s time to step into that power, recognizing the infinite possibilities that come with it.