Beyond Circumstances: The Conscious Dance of Being Human

When we talk about “circumstances,” most of us think of the events, situations, and things we encounter daily. We often believe that these circumstances shape our lives and dictate our feelings. However, as Bentinho Massaro suggests, the way we perceive our circumstances might not be the full picture.

Circumstances and Consciousness

Ben often speaks about the interconnectedness of consciousness and circumstances. While we might identify as human, in essence, we are pure consciousness. Humanity, in its truest form, doesn’t exist as we imagine it. We have, over time, created an idea of “being human” based on societal constructs, teachings, and stories passed down from one generation to another.

Yet, when you strip away these constructs and stories, what remains is the fundamental truth: “You’re not a human. You’ve only ever been consciousness.”

The Illusion of Circumstances

How does this tie into our circumstances? Bentinho suggests that our circumstances are not separate entities that influence our lives. Instead, they are reflections of our consciousness, our beliefs, our emotions, and our vibrational state.

You see, you don’t truly feel the circumstances. What you’re experiencing is how you think and feel about those circumstances. The happiness, sadness, anger, or joy you derive from a situation is not because of the situation itself but because of how your state of being processes it. “Even when you seem to experience circumstances, all you ever experience is your point of view of them.”

The True Power Lies Within

Bentinho often emphasizes the importance of shifting our focus from external circumstances to our internal state. He teaches that our real power lies in our ability to align our vibrational state with our desires. This alignment, this resonance with our true selves, has the power to transform our circumstances.

It’s crucial to remember that our physical reality is a byproduct, a reflection of our vibrational state. By addressing and altering our internal state, we possess the power to shape our reality.

Embracing Our True Nature

To really grasp the potential of our existence, we must embrace our nature as consciousness. When we step into this understanding, we transcend the limitations of “being human” and step into a realm of infinite possibilities.

As Bentinho once said, “Happiness takes you beyond thinking that you are human and shows you that you’re consciousness.” By anchoring into this understanding, we can navigate our lives with a sense of freedom, joy, and clarity.

Final Thought

Understanding the intricate dance between consciousness and circumstances can lead to profound shifts in our lives. By recognizing our true essence and focusing on our vibrational state, we can pave the way for a life of alignment, authenticity, and infinite potential.

Quote: “You’re not a human. You’ve only ever been consciousness.” – Bentinho Massaro