Seeing Through the Eyes of Preference: The Power of Choice in Shaping Reality

Life, in all its vastness and complexity, often presents itself in ways we neither expect nor appreciate. But what if we have the power to shape our perspective, filtering our experiences and ultimately creating the life we wish to lead? Bentinho believes in the idea that we can choose to see only what resonates with our preferences.

When we talk about the subjective experience of life, it’s essential to realize that our perception forms our reality. Instead of letting circumstances dictate our feelings and decisions, we can take back the reins. If we feel something, it’s because we choose to see it that way, and if we see something, it’s because we choose to feel it. It’s a two-way street, and we are the drivers.

Imagine life as a canvas. How do you wish to paint it? How would you prefer your masterpiece to be viewed? Taking a momentary pause, free from the hustle of daily thoughts and worries, can provide profound clarity. What if you could only experience one state of being for the rest of your life? What would that singular, crucial emotion or experience be? Finding that frequency, that state of being, is pivotal.

Once you can visualize and feel that desired state, you start embodying it. The longer you focus on it, the more it starts to manifest in your words, deeds, and beliefs. Imagine yourself as the center of a vortex, and everything around you is attracted to and affected by your energy and state of being.

Regardless of the circumstances or external stimuli, if you choose to maintain and reflect your chosen state of being, your reality will conform. The essence here is that energy, which forms the basis of everything, doesn’t have its own intent. It is malleable, reshaped and refashioned by the consciousness we exude.

In Proverbs 4:23, “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.”

It’s essential to realize that no external circumstances have ever genuinely imposed anything upon us. Every choice has been a product of our beliefs and perceptions. Once we grasp this, we can reclaim the power to determine our life’s direction.