Choose Your Thoughts Intentionally: Awakening to Conscious Creation

In our journey through life, many of us embark on a spiritual quest to seek answers and understand the nature of our existence. We yearn to find meaning, purpose, and a connection to something greater than ourselves. However, what if I told you that the very act of seeking spirituality arises from a lack of awareness of our own creative power? What if I told you that every moment, you are choosing your thoughts and thereby shaping your reality? In this blog post, we will explore the profound truth that lies within the intentional choice of our thoughts and the realization that we are the creators of our own experiences.

In this vast, intricate tapestry of life, we often find ourselves feeling lost, wandering through the world unconsciously. We bump into objects, unaware of what is truly going on around us. At times like these, we may seek solace in various spiritual practices, hoping to find someone enlightened who can guide us and reveal the workings of this mysterious existence. While seeking guidance is a noble endeavor, it is important to recognize that the abundance of spiritual paths we encounter stems from our lack of awareness regarding our innate creative power.

Every moment is an opportunity to choose a thought intentionally. You are already choosing a thought right now as you read these words. By becoming aware of this choice, you gain the ability to shift your thoughts consciously. It’s not about choosing a thought for the first time in your life; it’s about recognizing that you are constantly choosing a thought and the vibrational frequency that accompanies it. Your thoughts and vibrations shape your reality, and you have the power to influence them.

We often perceive ourselves as separate beings, disconnected from the greater whole. However, in truth, there is only one consciousness. We are all expressions of this unified consciousness, and the different layers of our awareness create the illusion of separation. The superficial consciousness, or the “person consciousness,” generates thoughts without recognizing its own creative role. It is important to remember that all thoughts originate from consciousness itself.

The more we tap into and realize our connection to the greater consciousness, the more we understand that we are consciousness. We can consciously choose our vibrations, our thoughts, and thus shape our reality. The realization that we have always been the creators of our experiences dawns upon us, freeing us from regret and suffering. Blaming others for our suffering becomes futile when we recognize that we have been choosing our realities all along.

Becoming aware of the thoughts you choose allows you to evaluate whether they align with your desired state of being. If a thought doesn’t feel good, you have the power to choose a thought that anchors you into a higher, more positive vibration. It’s as simple as that. By consciously selecting thoughts that resonate with who you truly are, you align yourself with a frequency that feels elevating, exciting, and fulfilling.

When you include an external physical reality in your consciousness, it becomes harder to trust your ability to choose thoughts intentionally. However, by temporarily detaching from the notion of an external world, you can access a state of mind where the external reality becomes irrelevant. Daydreaming or getting absorbed in a captivating conversation are examples of such moments when the illusion of an external world fades away. By focusing on the inner world of consciousness, it becomes easier to recognize your divine essence and the power to pick thoughts that shape your reality.

Consider your dream state during sleep. In dreams, you interact with people and places, even though they don’t exist outside the realm of your dreaming consciousness. Similarly, the external world we perceive is an illusion generated by our consciousness. When you wake up from a dream, you realize that the dream world only existed within your own consciousness. Similarly, the physical world we perceive is a projection of our inner sensations and experiences.

There is no objective reality independent of consciousness. By understanding that this waking reality is also a dream within consciousness, you gain the power to consciously project and shape your experience. You can choose your vibration and thought, creating a configuration of pictures on the movie screen within the sphere of your consciousness. Just as dreams are made real by your energy, you have the ability to create your reality consciously.

When you let go of the assumption that an external world exists independently from your consciousness, you unlock the immense potential within you. This waking dream becomes a playground where you can intentionally project your desires onto the screen of your consciousness. By picking thoughts and vibrations that align with your true essence, you accelerate the manifestation of your desired experiences. However, it is crucial to approach this creative process with a willingness to learn and understand what is truly relevant for your growth.

Choosing your thoughts intentionally is not a new endeavor but a profound realization of your inherent creative power. Recognizing that you are consciousness and that the external world is a projection of your inner sensations liberates you from the limitations of seeking spirituality externally. By consciously picking thoughts and vibrations that align with your true essence, you become the architect of your reality. Embrace this wisdom, trust in your creative potential, and watch as everything falls into place.