In this thought-provoking question and answer session with Bentinho Massaro, the concept of the higher self as the orchestrator of our life experiences is explored. Massaro delves into the idea that everything in our lives occurs by choice of our higher self, highlighting the potential richness that comes with embracing this perspective. While the higher self may not be something visible or physical, understanding and embodying its presence can enhance our experience of life. By developing trust and deep knowing, we can align ourselves with our higher self’s guidance and wisdom.

To fully embrace the power of our higher self, Massaro emphasizes the need for courage and bravery. We must dare to know and trust ourselves, even in the absence of physical evidence or external validation. This requires letting go of the need for confirmation from sources outside of ourselves, such as scientific reasoning or societal approval. By choosing our convictions and beliefs first, we pave the way for the evidence to align with our knowingness. This shift in perception empowers us to rise above doubt, inequality, and the judgments of others.

The journey of embodying the higher self involves a profound shift in perception. We must be willing to let go of the notion that external circumstances dictate what is real or true for us. As we tap into our creative power and shape our own reality, we no longer need physical proof or validation. The focus shifts from seeking confirmation to becoming conscious creators, aligning our energy, intention, and focus with our desired reality. This shift is accompanied by a deep knowing that all realities, including our own, are equally valid expressions of infinity.

Massaro encourages us to embody the confidence of being the most assured person in any room. This exercise in self-assuredness is not about comparison or arrogance but about honoring our own convictions and impulses. By trusting our higher self and acting in alignment with its guidance, we demonstrate integrity and self-respect. We become the conscious parent of our circumstances rather than the hesitant child, waiting for external authority or approval. As we raise our confidence frequency, we realize that we have full access to wisdom and truth, moving through life with greater speed and self-assuredness.

The choice of our higher self plays a pivotal role in shaping our experiences and reality. By developing trust, courage, and bravery, we can embody the power of our higher self and its ability to guide us towards a richer and more fulfilling life. As we let go of external validation and embrace personal conviction, we become conscious creators, shaping our reality effortlessly and joyfully. Embracing confidence and self-trust enables us to move through life as the most assured beings in the room, honoring our own wisdom and truth. Through this empowered perspective, we unlock the full potential of our higher self and manifest our desired realities.