Have you ever felt like your desires are just out of reach, leaving you in a state of suffering? You’re not alone. Many of us believe that our unfulfilled desires are the root of our pain. But what if I told you that desire itself isn’t the problem? In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Desire is the very essence of our being. We are passionate creatures, filled with inspiration and connection. Our every cell is created out of desire. It’s not that the Infinite Creator has no desires; it is the only one that ever has. The Creator’s desire for everythingness is why we exist, exploring this vastness from infinite perspectives.

Our journey, our honor, and our joy are to express infinity in a way that is uniquely inspired in us. When we understand that inspiration is the Infinite Creator communicating directly to us, we realize that it’s not healthy to give up desires. Instead, we should investigate why we think we need certain things to compensate for believing they’re lacking in the first place.

As we start to see through the major veils of lack, we become conscious, free, and deliberate creators. We’re no longer afraid of lack, and every desire we feel is a true one, a sincere inspiration coming ultimately from the absolute itself. Our true desires are the will of the Infinite Creator, and there’s no difference between what we want and what the Creator wants.

The cause of all suffering, according to Bentinho, is the belief that lack can exist. In reality, everything is possible except for lack. Our society has, ironically, built its systems around protecting ourselves from something that cannot exist. This belief in lack is ingrained in our consciousness, leading us to create systems based on this false premise.

But how do we move beyond this belief? We follow our resonance, listening to what feels good. This process might feel challenging at first, but it becomes easier and more effortless as we align more with our true nature. Our desires become clear, directly inspired from our higher consciousness and, ultimately, from the Infinite Creator.

Desire is not the cause of all suffering; it is the cause of all reconnection. It is our only hope to find reconnection, acting as a spiritual gravity pulling us towards the Infinite Creator. The illusion of lack is just that—an illusion, part of the abundance of the Creator exploring itself.

To live in harmony with this understanding, we need to honor our feelings and intuition. This isn’t selfishness; it’s humility. It’s about letting go of insistent thoughts and aligning with our true resonance. As we do this, we become more receptive and in tune with our higher self, reducing the vibrational distance between our personally chosen self and our actual non-physical self. This alignment brings about a state of self-realization and self-actualization, allowing us to live in harmony and attract amazing experiences into our lives.

So, the next time you feel a desire stirring within you, remember that it’s a direct communication from the Infinite Creator. Embrace it, explore it, and let it guide you on your journey beyond suffering, towards a life filled with inspiration, connection, and joy.


“In all of creation, everything is possible except for one thing: lack. Our society has picked that one thing that doesn’t exist and created all of its systems around protecting ourselves from the inevitable occurrence of that which cannot exist.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual References:

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

“The root of suffering is attachment.” – The Buddha (This emphasizes the importance of discerning between healthy desires and clinging fueled by a belief in lack).

“The self is hidden in the hearts of all beings. Those who have the eyes of wisdom perceive this.” – Upanishads (The inner wisdom of our being, aligned with resonant desires, reflects the wisdom of the universe).

Summary Points:

  • Desire is not the problem: We don’t create suffering by wanting things; desire is part of our creative nature.
  • Lack is an illusion: True suffering originates from the belief that we can lack something fundamental in life. This belief is false.
  • Resonance is your guide: Our inner feeling of what’s “right” or “good” for us (resonance) is the key to discerning true desires from those based on lack.
  • Self-focus aligns with service: Prioritizing your resonance is a humble and necessary step towards becoming a clear channel for creativity and service to others.


  1. Investigate your desires: Ask yourself: “Where do my desires come from? Are they inspired by joy or by a fear of not having enough?”
  2. Challenge lack beliefs: When feelings of unworthiness or lack arise, remind yourself, “The universe is abundant; I can never lack anything essential.”
  3. Practice tuning into resonance: Pay attention to how different choices, situations, and people make you feel. Does it resonate with a sense of expansion or contraction?
  4. Take resonant action: Let your feelings be your compass. Small steps taken from a place of resonance will gradually lead you toward a life of greater alignment with your true purpose.