Being Ready for Romantic Partnership

Love is a topic that often comes up in our lives, whether it’s in the form of family, friends, or romantic partners. However, when it comes to romantic love, it can often feel like an elusive goal. We may find ourselves asking, “Why can’t I find the right partner?” or “Why am I always attracting the wrong people?”

In a recent conversation, Bentinho Massaro delved into this topic with a woman who was wondering if she was putting love on a pedestal. She shared that she believed her purpose in this 3D reality was to learn lessons around love, but that she also wanted to experience the kind of deep connection that the couple she was talking to had described.

Bentinho pointed out that her focus on the fact that she had never experienced this kind of love was actually what was keeping her from attracting it. He explained that our beliefs shape our reality, and that if we believe we are lacking in something, that is what we will continue to attract.

To shift this focus, Bentinho suggested that the woman start by learning to love herself unconditionally. He reminded her that she is loved by creation, simply because she exists. By changing her focus and telling herself that she is lovable and worthy of love, she can open up a vibrational gateway to attract the experience of love.

Bentinho also stressed the importance of understanding that our thoughts and beliefs create our reality. He encouraged the woman to imagine herself as already having the kind of love she desired, to feel it, and to behave as if it were already true. This, he explained, would create a vibration that would attract that experience into her reality.