The concept of assumption holds profound significance. When we lack deliberate awareness before our thoughts, we unknowingly fall into the trap of assuming our reality. We identify with the ever-chattering mind and forget the stable, changeless essence within us, the core of our being. Operating from this state of assumption, we navigate life on automatic pilot, responding to stimuli and assuming their independent existence.

Consider the seemingly mundane encounters in our daily lives, such as interacting with a cashier or refueling our cars. We assume their reality and act accordingly, without realizing the fundamental assumptions underlying our actions. Yet, it is the assumptions about ourselves in relation to others that often trouble us the most. Who are we, really, before the assumption?

By heightening our clarity and awareness, we begin to transcend these assumptions. We become less entangled in the web of the mind and embrace the state of heightened awareness, which we could call “hearness” or “clarity.” As we turn up the brightness on our inner awareness, the world and its assumed independent existence start to fade away. We realize that the world arises simultaneously with our thoughts, and as we dissolve into the I am, the assumptions of a separate world begin to dissipate.

When we trust and follow the guidance of our innermost being, which resonates with profound truth and bliss, we experience a profound shift. The world loses its grip on us, and we no longer feel weighed down by worries, concerns, or self-image. In this state of awakening, we breathe in a fresh air of freedom and clarity, feeling connected to something greater than ourselves—whether we call it Spirit, God, or the Transcendence of all.

By turning up the brightness on our inner being, we naturally turn down the brightness on the world. The dream-like nature of reality becomes more apparent, and suffering diminishes. As we embrace our innate divinity and trust our inner guidance, the illusion of the external world and the influence of external authorities lose their hold on us. We tap into a wellspring of peace, love, light, clarity, abundance, and generosity.

In this journey, we require intentional spaces and supportive communities to anchor our awareness and reinforce the recognition of our true nature. The Self-Realization School serves as such a container—a place to discover, experience, and realize ourselves as expressions of the one infinite Creator. Through dedicated practices like meditation, contemplation, and satsang (spiritual discourse), we deepen our connection with the absolute, formless state of our being, as well as the expression of that divinity as love and light.

As we awaken to our true nature, we find ourselves transforming our everyday lives. We no longer idolize the illusory aspects of existence but instead embody the profound truths we have discovered. By prioritizing self-realization, we establish a foundation for empowered living, where the recognition of our divine essence remains ever-present amidst the challenges and distractions of the world.

Let us embark on this journey of self-realization together, embracing the profound direct experiences and deepening our connection with the one infinite Creator within. By knowing and embodying the different levels of God through our own direct experiences, we can bring profound recognition and moments of divine infusion into our everyday lives. Through this process, we step into the fullness of our being and discover the boundless potential that resides within us all.