As we embark on a journey to remember our divine essence as creators. We start to consciously recognize that we are not victims of an external reality but rather powerful beings capable of shaping our own experiences. Initially, it may seem as though we are overpowering our reality with our chosen frequency, but in truth, this is the very nature of creation itself.

We are invited to practice the art of reality creation by infusing our conscious awareness into the things that manifest in our lives. Just as in a lucid dream, where we have the ability to shape the dream’s unfolding, we learn to become lucid in our waking reality. We invite you to join us in this moment and project onto us whatever you desire us to be, energetically.

This practice of overpowering reality with our chosen presence is not about disregarding the free will or existence of others. It is about reclaiming our power to shape our experiences. By immersing ourselves in a state of high-frequency presence, we align with the true desires and inspiration that flow from our hearts. We become conscious creators, painting our reality with our preferred states of love, bliss, inspiration, and more.

As we engage in this process, we begin to fall in love with our creations and develop a deeper sense of unity with them. We realize that our experiences are not separate from us; they are inseparable expressions of our own creative power. Doubt and external validation no longer sway us, for we know that regardless of how things may appear, all we perceive is our preference.

This understanding is one of the most potent keys to awakening to our true nature as creators. We are here not merely to observe and learn but to generate and manifest that which has never been created before. By embracing our true heart’s preferences and aligning with the radiant love-light of our higher selves, we dominate our reality in a state of profound integrity and presence.

So, let us practice the art of reality creation, not with forceful intentions but with sincere intentions of love and alignment. As we consciously generate our preferred states and experiences, we become aware that we are not separate from our reality; we are the creators of it. We are here to reclaim our divine power, to remember that we are gods and goddesses, shaping our lives through the expression of our true desires and inspiration.

Remember, my friends, there is no external universe that governs us; it is an illusion we have created. We generate our reality from within, and by exuding our preferences with unwavering faith, we align with parallel realities where our highest intentions come to fruition. Embrace the truth that you are a creator, and let your love-light guide you to manifest a reality that resonates with your deepest desires.

In love and light, we dance together as co-creators of a magnificent tapestry of existence.