Alliances: Navigating Our Future Together

Bentinho sheds light on the concept of alliances, not just on Earth but beyond. He emphasizes the idea of being absorbed into alliances of higher-density civilizations. These alliances, according to Ben, offer a new type of education, one that is more aligned with life and creation itself.

One intriguing point Ben makes is about our current education system. He questions its effectiveness and even labels it a “slave system,” suggesting that it limits free will and personal growth. He encourages a reevaluation of our approach to education, leaning towards a system that respects individual choices and fosters genuine learning.

Ben also touches on the theme of self-governance. He predicts a significant shift in societal structures, leading to more freedom and self-reliance. This change, he says, will be marked by a revolution in how we perceive governance, pushing us towards a model where we, as individuals, are the law, governed by love and wisdom.

One of the most striking ideas from Ben’s talks is the concept of waking up to the man-made structures around us. He urges us to see beyond the illusions we’re conditioned to believe, emphasizing that our reality is a projection of our consciousness. This perspective challenges us to take responsibility for our lives and to stop seeking external validation or care.

In conclusion, Ben’s views on alliances and self-governance offer a radical but thought-provoking perspective. It’s about understanding the interconnectedness of all beings and realizing our potential as creators of our reality. As we navigate these changes, it’s essential to approach them with love, excitement, and a deep sense of responsibility.