Activating Your Desires: The Power of Living in the Now

When Bentinho Massaro speaks about the vastness of our desires and the infinite realm of possibilities, he touches upon a profound truth that’s at the core of our existence. He urges us to believe that every single desire we ever had is already realized, lying dormant in a vast field connected to our heart – waiting for us to simply tap into it.

Let’s break this down.

Imagine you are at the epicenter of creation. Everything you have ever wanted, every possibility you’ve dreamt of, all originate and expand out from the core of your being. You are not just a witness to this vast universe; you are an integral part of it, the focal point from which creation spirals out.

But here’s the thing, to truly experience your desires and bring them to life, you need to activate them. It’s like tuning into a specific radio frequency amidst countless others. Your desired experience becomes more tangible, more reachable when you focus on it. You bring your desires into the “here and now” by immersing yourself in the feelings they evoke.

However, there’s a common pitfall many of us fall into. We let our past experiences and perceptions cloud our vision. When a new desire surfaces, we often view it through the lens of past limitations, projecting it into a space of lack. It’s like our mind is handed this beautiful, unblemished dream, only for it to be immediately tarnished by doubts and ‘what-ifs’.

Imagine your higher self tells you about the exhilaration of moving to Bali. But no sooner than you grasp this exciting idea, your conditioned mind starts filtering it with limitations – the finances, logistics, the very feasibility of such a move. This mental push and pull of desire and doubt can be draining.

Ben’s advice? Feel your desires as if they are already manifested, already present in the here and now. This shift in perception, from ‘it’s not here’ to ‘it is here,’ can dramatically accelerate your journey towards abundant manifestation.

By tuning into the sheer energy of your desire, you align with its vibration. Desire, in its purest form, is an expression of love, a message from your higher self. To simply dwell in this state, without being bogged down by the specifics, amplifies the energy of your desires.

In essence, to activate the limitless possibilities of creation, immerse yourself in the feelings of your desires. Feel them in the here and now, and you’ll be well on your way to manifesting them in your reality.

“Desire, in its purest form, is an expression of love, a message from your higher self.”