Understanding the 4 Principles of God: A Journey Beyond Consciousness

Have you ever wondered about the deeper aspects of spirituality? Bentinho simplifies this vast subject into four core principles. Let’s dive into these principles and see how they can impact our understanding of the divine and ourselves.

1. The Source: Pure Life or Pure Potentiality

Imagine a vast, open field, untouched and full of possibilities. This is the Source, the starting point of everything. It’s like the blank canvas before the artist starts painting. This principle teaches us that at the very core, there is a pure potential that is beyond even awareness itself.

2. Awareness: Beyond Subject and Object

Now, think of the moment when you become aware of something, but there’s no division between you and that thing. That’s pure awareness. It’s like looking at a beautiful sunset and feeling completely one with the moment.

3. Consciousness: The Container for Manifestation

Consciousness is like a big box where all our experiences and the laws of the universe live. It’s the space that allows everything in our world to exist and interact.

4. Manifestation and Divine Law

This is everything we see, touch, and experience. From the trees outside to the thoughts in our heads, all are manifestations within consciousness.

Ben points out something fascinating here. Most people focus on the levels of consciousness and awareness. But what about what’s before that? What’s beyond our awareness and consciousness?

Ben explains that everything we experience happens within consciousness. But outside consciousness, in the realm of the Source, nothing really happens to us. This idea can be really freeing. It means that all the things we identify with – our thoughts, feelings, experiences – are just part of consciousness, not the core of who we are.

He suggests a unique perspective: sit with the idea of what’s beyond consciousness. It’s like a puzzle with no definite answer, a question mark in the vastness of existence. This doesn’t have to make sense; it’s about feeling and intuition more than understanding.


“Sit with the question mark. What remains without the experience of experiences?” – Ben


This teaching resonates with a Bible verse, Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” It invites us to find stillness and recognize a deeper presence beyond our immediate experiences.