Mastering the Art of Giving It All to the Source

Embracing Spiritual Surrender: How to Give It All to the Source

In our spiritual journey, moments come that test our limits—moments of intense triggering where our bodies and emotions seem to spiral out of control. It’s in these times that the practice of spiritual surrender can transform our experience, turning chaos into a profound peace and understanding. Here’s how you can begin to give it all to the Source, to that ultimate presence we often call God or the I AM.


Negative Emotions by Bentinho Massaro

Embracing Negative Emotions: A Path to Growth and Expansion

Negative emotions often get a bad rap. We’re taught to avoid them, suppress them, or feel guilty for experiencing them. But what if I told you that these so-called negative emotions are actually guideposts, showing you the way to a more aligned and blissful reality?