The Illusion of Receiving: How We Are the Creators of Our Own Reality

Stepping into the Seat of Conscious Creation

Have you ever paused to consider the difference between perception and reception? Bentinho once reflected deeply upon this, challenging the traditional notions of our experiences.

Most of us believe we are constantly at the receiving end of life’s experiences. The sunsets we watch, the conversations we have, the chair we sit on – we think they all come to us externally. But what if the story is quite different? What if, instead of passively receiving, we are actively giving and creating?


Harnessing the Power Within: You Are the Center of Your Vortex

You Are the Center of Your Vortex

We all possess an intrinsic connection to the universe, one that is omnipresent and eternally accessible. Bentinho, often reminds us of this connection. He asserts that consciousness is ever-present, echoing the idea that we’re not moving from one place to another in our journey of growth. Instead, we are always at the center of our own creation – our vortex.


Consciously Creating Your Reality by Bentinho Massaro

Consciously Creating Your Reality: A Shift in Perception

When it comes to consciously creating our reality, it’s essential to understand our relationship with the universe and our own perceptions. Bentinho, a thoughtful guide in exploring our infinite potential, often touches upon the profound idea that we might not be mere receivers of our reality but rather the creators.