Exploring the Energy of Love and Wealth: Balancing Spiritual and Material Abundance

Understanding the Energy of Love and Wealth

We often find ourselves torn between the pursuit of material wealth and the nurturing of loving, fulfilling relationships. This balance is a common struggle, as we seek to align our financial aspirations with our deeper spiritual values. This blog post, inspired by Bentinho Massaro’s teachings, explores how we can harmonize these aspects of our lives.


Finding Unity in Protests: A Guide to Conscious Demonstrations

Protesting with Unity and Consciousness

Protesting is a natural human response to injustice. It’s a way to voice dissatisfaction and demand change. But when we protest, it’s essential to consider how we’re doing it. Are our actions and words coming from a deep-seated anger and division? Or are they inspired by unity and love?


Understanding The Dream: Delving into Our Essential Nature

Dreams are an enigma. When we’re submerged in them at night, the world presented feels as tangible as our waking one. The sensations, the emotions, the perceptions all seem genuine. We hear sounds without ears, see sights without eyes, and feel emotions without a physical body. It’s as though our consciousness effortlessly slips into another realm, separate from our bodily senses.


Discovering the Real Self: 5 Practical Steps

In our day-to-day lives, the persona we identify with is often not our true self. This image is typically a construction of our minds, habits, and experiences. But beneath this persona lies our real self, brimming with natural bliss and genuine presence. Here are five transformative steps to connect with the real self: