Unveiling the Power of Perception: Awakening True Awareness

Awakening to True Awareness

Everyday, we move through life believing we’re experiencing real, tangible things. Yet, Bentinho points out a profound realization: we’ve never actually interacted with a “thing”. Instead, all we’ve ever known is perception. It’s a baffling truth to grapple with – we’ve never directly experienced an object outside of our own perception.


Awakening to the State of Assumption: Embracing Spiritual Clarity

The concept of assumption holds profound significance. When we lack deliberate awareness before our thoughts, we unknowingly fall into the trap of assuming our reality. We identify with the ever-chattering mind and forget the stable, changeless essence within us, the core of our being. Operating from this state of assumption, we navigate life on automatic pilot, responding to stimuli and assuming their independent existence.